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Valak is a demon an demonic presence an inhumane creation wich is now punished and brought to hell by lorraine warren

The first picture you see is who banished valak to its destiny

the second picture you see is valak who shivers you and me

see what i did there ? valak isnt any demon not just any inhumane it cant be fought up frount it is always hidden behind another deaceased soul for example in the case solved by ed and lorriene warren valak darkness could not be sensed it was a hidden but powerful force . yet one of their hardest cases . valak had conqured the soul the form the identity of the old man who used to live in the house before an previos family the dark source couldnt be sensed as the real demon was hiding , the demon couldnt be recognised till the very end of the case .

but how did they send it back to hell ? well of course once they realised this wasnt a hoax lorraine was brought into a tranze and of course the old man couldnt tell her very clearly how to defeat valak so he gave them a riddle . The Riddle was: I am given and I am taken. I was there at your first breath, But you didn't ask for me. the riddle ment that the satan's name had power over it lorraine only knew that name because of another tranze so as they used the name and over powered the demon but be aware this isnt the only demon out there ofc there r many more out there and like valak once did it can escape again . so be careful when you see somethings wrong they could be conjured .

~Sarah pathan

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Ishan Kulkarni
Ishan Kulkarni
Sep 13, 2021

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