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One day, a man went to a donkey seller. he saw a healthy donkey and asked the seller if he could take the donkey for a few hours to test how he worked. the seller agreed and the man took the donkey to the place where his donkeys were carrying heavy loads.

Two donkeys, that have been working earlier, were resting in the shade.

Now this donkey, instead of joining the donkeys that were carrying heavy loads, went and lay down with the donkeys that were resting. He did not know that those donkeys were resting after hours of hard work.

Seeing this, the man took the donkey back to the seller and told him that his donkey was not worth buying. When the donkey seller asked him how he had judged the donkey in such a short time, man replied, "Even before he started working, I knew how he was by the company he chose for himself. he preferred to keep the company of the company of the donkey that were resting and not the ones that were carrying loads. this shows that he is not ready to work and would always try to avoid doing any work at all."

the end


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