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story the clever fox

Once in a beautiful morning there was a crow sitting on the tree seeing the beautiful view. After some time he saw some children having picnic and the crow was also hungry so he flew to wards the picnic and snatched the cheese. the children were scared and told to the crow how can you snatch cheese for us. the crow ignored and sat on an another tree. After some time a fox was passing by and smelled cheese so he came to wards the crow and asked can i have some cheese the crow said no so the fox went away. the fox had an idea and came back to the crow and told to himself oh! i have a magical pot the crow was astonished and opened his mouth to take the pot as he opened his mouth the cheese fell down and the fox grabbed the cheese and laughed at the crow and went happily but the crow was still thinking where is the magical pot and never got his answer.

moral- never be greedy

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