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JHALKARI ( a real story ) part 1

Jalkari was an orphan. she was bold and fearless little girl who loved to climb trees and swim in the river and play the games that call boy's games. the villagers liked her, for she was a willing worker and could stand long hours of strain and hardship. they often spoke of time when she had fought a leopard single-handedly in the jungle and killed with nothing more than a sturdy stick.After then nicknamed her Jhalkari the tigress.

When jhalkari grew up she was married to a soldier in the army of Rani lakshmibai and went away to live with him in Jhasi.That was how Rani chanced to see her one day.

"She shall be my companion,"the Rani ordered, for she liked the girl's frank and fearless attitude. They became good friends and every day the two young woman went out ridding together.they fenced and wrestled and practiced shooting with revolvers and gun.

those were trouble times and everywhere there were rumours of war. the british had explained their territory. They had a trading company called East India Company. Its officers ruled the people of the land harshly.

In 1857, fighting broke out all over the country.Everywhere people rose in rebellion against the foreign rulers. The british fought back and thousands of people were killed on both the sides.

In march 1858, the british troop attacked the fort at Jhasi. There heavy guns bombarded it.the rani's troops fought back bravely.Among them was Jhalkari. Never leaving here beloved queen's side, she rode from one point to another, firing at the british soldiers with a steady hand and sure aim.

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