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Early one morning, a mother crab took her son for his first walk along the beach.

The piles of shells, the huge trees, the lush green bushes and almost everything he saw around filled the baby crab with curiosity. He ran around to touch and feel everything. Seeing him move here and there, the mother crab said," Oh , why do you walk sideways with your toes turned in?"

Now his mother's words confused him. he said," mother, this is the way I always walk. Even you and father walk sideways with your toes in. Is this not the correct way to walk?"

The mother crab at once said," Of course not. you should always walk straight ahead with your toes turned out."

Not wanting to disobey his mother, he tried to walk straight ahead with his toes turned out, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't do it.

Finally he asked his mother," mother dear, could you please show me the right way to walk?"

Glad to know that her child was eager to learn, she said, " Sure, my dear. now watch me carefully." With her toes turned out, she took a step forward and fell flat on her nose


MORAL: preach what you practice. don't tell other how to act unless you can do it yourself.

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