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The Two Merchants ( part 1)

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Birbal was known was his kin intelligence, fair-mindedness and proximity to the Emperor Citizens seeking justice often came to Birbal particularly when Akbar was away the city.

In one particular instance, Birbal was trying to resolve a dispute between two merchants.

Birbal asked the merchant Ram Chand:: so you have no proof of what you are saying, Ram Chand ?

Ram Chand said:: No huzoor

Birbal said:: No written receipt for the fifteen hundred rupees that you say you lent your friend Jwala Prasad? And no witness to the transaction?

Ram Chand said:: No, huzoor. Jwala Prasad, is a fellow merchant as well as a friend. He needed the money and promised to return it within 6 months. So I lent it to him. I thought he would honour his word. But he refuses even to remember what happened.

Birbal said:: Write down all that you have told me and sign it. I will see what I can do. I must send for Jwala Prasad, the second merchant. Let me see what he has to say about the matter.

Jwala Prasad arrives...

Jwala Prasad arrives...ha Sahib, I am deeply honoured and grateful for this summons. How may i be of service Your Lordship?

Birbal said:: Read this.

Jwala Prasad said:: All lies! Your Lordship all lies! I thought Ram Chand was my friend.I have helped him so many times. And this how he repays me!

I know his shop is not doing well, but this is not the way...

Birbal said:: So you totally deny that Ram Chand lent you fifteen hundred rupees which you promised to return within six months?

Jwala Prasad said:: I absolutely deny it, Your Honour. And surely he would have taken a receipt from me if he had lent me such a large sum. Why dose he not produce the receipt?

Birbal said:: He says he did not take a receipt. That is the problem. Thank you for coming. I am sorry for wasting your time.

Jwala Prasad said:: Raja Sahib, I am your humble servant.

A few days later...

Birbal said to the servant:: You remember Ram Chand and Jwala Prasad? Send both the merchants a large jar of ghee each with a request that they sell the ghee for me after checking its purity.

on heating the ghee both Ram Chand and Jwala Prasad discovered a gold mohur at the bottom of the jar.

Ram Chand thought:: I must return the mohur to Birbal. It must have fallen into the ghee by mistake.

Jwala Prasad thought:: A gold mohur! let me give this to my son.

Jwala Prasad's son helped him in their shop. the merchant goes to his son

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