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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Once there was a girl named Poorna she lived with her parents and sister...

one day she got a punishment with her sister to clean the school when they were cleaning they found a paper they took the paper. After some time there school got over they were really tired

her big sister told a song and hold her to. Their father did not have money to give the school so they both Poorna and her big sister thought to escape. One night when they were going away from their parents they by mistakenly made a voice their father came out and took her big sister and started scolding, Poorna was feeling sorry for her sister. Next morning her big sister got married both of the sister wanted to stay together but they couldn't. Now Poorna went to government school. The food did not taste good one day the teacher also tasted it then the school got new benches good food etc.after some time there was a picnic in there school. Poorna got up in the bus when she reached she was surprised she was on the mountains there was a teacher the teacher was teaching how to climb mountain. When the teacher was teaching in between she ran to another side and was climbing but she could't climb and got stuck she shouted loudly " HELP I AM STUCK HELP ME HELPPPPPP" then the school, teacher came and told don't climb the mountain without shoes and

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