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The world was fighting with pandemic at that moment, I was battling with my video game. I only had one life remaining. A glass bottle fell. I went to check outside but there was nothing I continued playing my video game.

Again!!! a knocking sound at my door, "KNOCK KNOCK".

And this time there was something suspicious. My security guard was missing. I cast a glance all around but could not locate anyone. Suddenly, I saw a shadow. I was cold feet. I could smell something suspicious, just as a dog could smell before hunting, but what? I shut all the doors and windows.I was restless, scared and to add up more, the power cut -off was right there. The generator was not working. I called the security at phase one. He informed me that there was some teething issue with the back-up. It would take few more minutes to get it resolved. I had no option, I lighted all the candles that I could find.

As, I was finding my way to the kitchen I saw a man, behind my back yard. It was difficult to remember the face, as it was dark night. The clock stuck 12. That very moment, I heard someone whispering, with close steps I went inside my room. Locked the door. I peeped through my keyhole and there!!!!!!!!! was man with a sharp knife. Thought of calling the cops came to my mind, 'OMG' but in a hurry, I left my cell phone on the couch. The man slowly entered my room. He turn on the lights, looking for his bait, I was hiding inside the patio. Any moment could be a do or die situation. I thought to myself let me jump and save my life. It’s now or never. Finally, I decided to jump. The man saw me and tried to grab me from behind, but his bad. I was agile and smoothly landed safe on the other side.

It was not over yet, he started chasing. I somehow escaped from the house and eloped. On the way, I saw cops and I was panting. I called for help but seems can’t get through. I hid behind the bushes, could hear footsteps. Yes, he was just in front of me. That shadow was now a reality. He was about to stab on my chest. I gave a punch and pushed him as hard as I could. He crawled like a caterpillar ready to feed on his feast. SOS, I prayed, and my prayer was answered. I could see a man in uniform. He was my savvier, officer Jack. I was very fond of him. He quickly shot a bullet on the stranger who was finally left wounded.

"The eye is always caught by light, but shadows have more to say…….."




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1 Comment

Malika Sethi
Malika Sethi
Apr 28, 2020

Loved it while reading i was feeling like i am their in that particular situation and that was the beauty of story writer who wrote in such a way that reader feels it.

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